Thursday, August 6, 2009

Long time

It has been a long time since I've used this
so we will see how I do this time!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Week 9 Thing 23

Wow! I made it. I wasn't really sure if I would get this done or not. I am feeling alittle quilty-I've had some time off and that has enabled me to complete this. I hope my co-workers are able to finish too.
Some of my favorites are Flickr-so much that you can do there and Library Thing. I think this will be an incredible way to keep and gather information about books that I read and want to read. I also feel that I will be using ZOHO for all my word processing projects.
This program has really opened my eyes to so many things that are available with my computer. Some I liked and some I didn't. I do feel I will be more open to at least trying things in the future. I think winter might be a better time to try and do this, with vacations and all during the summer, but I guess there is no good time in a very busy library! I could not have done this alone, so I do thank everyone that helped me out with all my silly questions!
I do see potential use for the Library and our Customers with some of this as well. I do think it will be done the road for some as there are still plenty in Carroll County that do not have computers. By having more computers in our branches, we can still help our customers become aware of all that the WEB has to offer!

Week 9 Thing 22

Audiobooks. I did establish an account with NetLibrary. There are so many books available. I am fortunate not to have a long commute to work-the downside to that is I can't listen to a book on CD. I know this is a growing area of our library. I see more and more people checking out audiobooks and I feel this is the next logical step. Unfortunatley they may not come to the library as much, but to think that they can download their book at home is quite a service. One customer says she listens when she irons, so maybe I will try that!

Week 9 Thing 21

Podcasts-another way of getting information. I have added another RSS feed to my blogline about crocheting. This does use some of the terms that we have already learned-RSS, tags etc. They do seem to all be connected in many ways. For those of us who still aren't computer savy it is just overwhelming! Maybe someday.......

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Gummy Bear Song

Week 9 Thing 20

Ok- now that my daughter and I have spent almost an hour on this site-there truly is about anything you can imagine on Youtube! One thing that concerns me though is when I typed in Librarians-1800 videos came up to choose form, however when I typed in Circulation clerk-there were "zero" sites! Can you believe that. I guess all of us circ people will have to get busy and make up some videos!
There are also 969 sites on "Dinosaur fart"! I do worry about society!!!!

Baby Got Book (OFFICIAL)

This is one of my daughters favorites!